2020 Scorpio Yearly Horoscope. In 2020, a year awaits Scorpio when he will not get enough of knowledge and learning. They will learn a lot through both experienced authority figures and reading and traveling.

2020 Scorpio Yearly Horoscope

You can see the reflections of the different, extraordinary experiences and developments you have experienced in your relations field in 2020 on your mind and mind world. While waiting for you in a year when you will be very busy with minds, you can become a teacher who guides others with a lot of information you learned, accumulated, and filled your mind. You can stand out in this area with your serious, determined, and even authoritative side and power of expression. In other words, you can turn education and teaching into a job. Your words and teachings can have an effective, maturing effect on people in the long run.

In a year when your curiosity is at its peak, you may find it difficult to stay in place while your mind is constantly active. You can walk a lot, speed up your sports activities, get bored easily from static environments and include active and lively places in your life.

However, issues related to your siblings or people you see as close as siblings can also occupy your agenda. Their agendas can be heavy and busy, and you can inevitably become a natural part of this agenda, at least mentally.


Progressing in your field of relations, Uranus points to the great changes and transformations you have experienced in this field. You may see very interesting and unusual attitudes and behaviors from the opposite side in your marriage and in your current partnership. So much so that they can change your perspective on relationships in wholesale and unexpected ways. Your mind is fed by these revolutionary developments in the field of relations.
Therefore, when you transfer these experiences to language, verbal and written expression, you can reveal important messages, writings and even books. You are in a year in which your approach to love is serious, constructive and determined. So much so that your generally scattered, altruistic, whatever acceptance approach is now being replaced by a much more demanding, planned and programmed attitude. Your fortunate times in favor of love may be January 13-February 7, when Venus moves forward in your love house, and November 21-December 15, when Venus moves forward in your sign. The period of March 5-April 3 stands out as very supportive dates in terms of relations.


Especially if you are in partnerships, you should take advantage of your mind, logic and common sense in 2020. You can only resolve the balance at the point of relationships through reason. In addition to the knowledge and experience you have gained in this direction, the ideas and thoughts you discuss with your friends can be very guiding. In terms of business, you can spend the period between 28 June and 14 November. It seems difficult to find time to scratch your head during this period. While many big and small issues are busy with you, you should pay more attention to errors and flaws that may arise from calculations and details, especially between 9 September and 14 November. You may also need to be a little more cautious about joint sharing and investment issues, monetary accounts and expenditures between May 13 and June 25.


The most important issue you should pay attention to in the new year will be balancing your mental fatigue. You have to find activities that can clear your mind. It can be a suitable remedy for outdoor activities. However, this time, you should be careful not to wear yourself physically and protect yourself against injuries. You need to conserve your energy and spend it correctly and appropriately between 9 September and 14 November, which is the period of Mars retrograde. This period may be the period where you should pay the most attention to your health and take precautions and precautions with care. In addition, you should pay more attention to domestic accidents during the period between 30 March and 13 May and use sharp tools as carefully as possible. The period between May 13 and June 28 may be the period when you should pay attention to drowsiness, insomnia and clumsiness.

2020 Scorpio Yearly Horoscope


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