2020 Pisces Yearly Horoscope. The New Year may offer you unlimited opportunities to expand and enrich your social circle.
2020 blinks at you as a year in which your hopes can flourish. The new circles you have gained, the new friendships and friendships you have established add optimism and feed your hopes. However, the effect of Neptune in your sign, which affects your environmental conditions, will continue this year. You may find it difficult to take control of life. On the other hand, the fact that the earth energies, which positively affect your sign, have their weight throughout 2020, can help you to be in a great transformation through your social life, and can greatly support your recovery with the help of your friends.

You can be more durable, resilient and resilient under the strong earth energy. As the star of your sign moves again in Capricorn, the determination, long-term, strategic, as well as organized and planned approach of this sign can infect your sign and put your feet on the ground much more. You can find the opportunity to collect the aspects of your life that you missed while passing through various exams and tests through order, system and discipline and take important lessons that will mature you.

The Lunar Eclipse on January 10 this year is a love eclipse, which points to the awareness, developments, and decisions you can make about your love or children, if any, in the area of ​​your loved ones. The solar eclipse, which will take place on June 21 in Cancer, can also bring new beginnings in this area to your agenda. For example, it can start a pregnancy news or process.

If you are single, it can add a heart-pounding love to your life. Solar eclipse on December 14 may bring new goals and plans, new steps in your business and career to your agenda. In the period between May 14 and September 12, when your sign’s star Jupiter is in retrograde, you can idle your life a little more and focus on enjoying the moment rather than taking action.

Moving from the axis of Cancer-Capricorn to the Gemini-Sagittarius axis on May 5th, the lunar nodes carry the fateful effects on your home and family life and your career. Eclipses of the Sun and Moon that will take place on this axis from this date may be the eclipses that trigger important developments in your life.

Pisces in 2020: LOVE

Eclipses in 2020 seem to have a big impact on your love life. Especially the eclipse on January 10 can trigger the decisions you will make about your love life as a result of the transformations you experience in your social circle. The eclipse on June 21 can also trigger a strong renewal and beginning in the field of love. There are times when you are very lucky and fortunate in love and relationships in 2020. You may be quite lucky and fortunate in favor of love between 13 January-7 February, 5 March-3 April, 7 August-6 September, 2-28 October and 21 November-15 December. During this period, you can easily fall in love with yourself with your protective, compassionate and compassionate aspects.
However, your expectations from love can also be very serious, long-term and realistic. We are also experiencing a Venus retrograde in 2020. Venus retrograde periods attract attention especially as the times when old loves come back. During these periods, you should be careful about the loves coming from the past, from your place of birth, through your family and relatives, to be careful in your approach to lovers, not to set great hopes, and remember that these loves can go back with their retro ending.

Pisces in 2020: MONEY

We will also go through a Mars retro in 2020, and this retro may affect your money and financial resources. The period between 9 September and 14 November, when the Mars retrograde takes place, may be a period when you should not let go of the precaution against damages, losses and extra expenses in business and money matters. Uranus can make trade negotiations, acquaintances, coincidences quite interesting throughout the year and bring unexpected agreements, contracts, connections to your agenda.

It may not be a bad idea to get support from your friends and your social circle, or at least to consult, while trying to make use of the surprise opportunities brought by Uranus properly and appropriately. In addition, you should be cautious in the face of any problems related to communication, communication and travel between 17 February-10 March, 18 June-12 July, 14 October-3 November.

Pisces in 2020: HEALTH

Throughout the year, while Neptune adds mess to your life, it also makes your health sensitive, you may have difficulty finding balances, especially in spiritual and emotional terms. You may be even more fragile this year, especially when moving in a sign with a weak star. Therefore, you should not refrain from adding measures and activities that you can strengthen yourself physically and mentally in your life.
January 10, June 6, July 5, and November 30 Lunar eclipses may come to the fore as periods when you need to strengthen yourself subconsciously, spiritually and emotionally. During the period of 13 May-28 June, when Mars visits your sign, it may be appropriate to stay away from activities that may tire yourself, especially physical ones, and approach them at least by taking all precautions. The period of 21 March-1 July can be a remarkable period in terms of neglected situations straining your health, especially be sure to take the necessary healing measures.

2020 Pisces Yearly Horoscope


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