2020 Capricorn Yearly Horoscope. 2020 is a year that starts and ends with you, in which every subject will come to you. You can realize and prove how right you are in almost any subject.

2020 Capricorn Yearly Horoscope

As the star of your sign and Jupiter progress in your sign for almost the entire year, you may have a teaching position, almost teaching. You can keep your word and initiative in almost every subject and take a leading role in your relationships and business life. Between March 21 and July 1, Saturn leaves your sign for a short time, but this time, you can focus on material issues, business and money issues in a positive way, show your strength, your strength, take the measures you need to take, and better evaluate what you have.
Between May 11 and September 29, when Saturn is backward, you should take life a little slower, instead of being entrepreneurial and aggressive, you can keep yourself a little more in the background, evaluate your previous experiences and make new plans and programs for the future.

2020 is a very supportive year in terms of signs of the earth element, including your sign, and you can be the winner of the year. As Jupiter expands your possibilities, it can offer you all sorts of opportunities to reveal more of your own self and personality, as well as to develop your social environment, gain knowledge and wisdom, and receive education.
The secret to making the most of it may be in the extraordinary creativity Uranus can bring to you. Throughout 2020, you should not hesitate to showcase your talents in an interesting, different and unique way. In the measure and wealth you do this, Jupiter can be supportive of luck and fortune, as well as in almost every aspect of your life.

2020 stands out as a remarkable year in terms of eclipses. After we closed the last year with a solar eclipse in your sign, you are now ready for new beginnings and steps. The lunar eclipse that will take place on January 10 in your opposite sign can give you a glimpse of your relationships and experience an awareness in this area.
You can make some decisions while seeing your role and place in your relationship more clearly. A Lunar eclipse occurs in your sign on the 5th of July, and this eclipse can also lead you to a decision in the direction of your relationships. Another purpose of eclipses may be to take your attention away from yourself and offer you the opportunity to see the other person better. The solar eclipse of June 21 in your opposite sign can add a whole new dimension to your relationship and your outlook on relationships.


Drawing attention as a year that reinforces your self-confidence, 2020 emphasizes the features that make you you much more powerful. When your sense of self is so high, it seems like it is impossible to hold back from love, as well as Uranus, which from time to time overturns your love house, continues its transit in this area in 2020 and it seems that it will insist on bringing out interesting and extraordinary people in front of you.
This year may be a period of breaking the molds in your view of love. It may seem almost impossible to stand up to this wave as your desires and desires are also strengthened with your rising sense of self. You may have a lucky period between 7 August and 6 September in favor of relations. This period can bring the relationship you expect, and make it easier for you to turn your love into a relationship. While the period between March 5 and April 3 stands out as a period where you will enjoy and enjoy falling in love, this period may bring surprise acquaintances and coincidences.


The period between 21 March and 1 July draws attention as a period that can enable you to focus more on material issues. In this period, you can take constructive and decisive steps in monetary and business matters, and focus even more on evaluating what you have.
You may need to pay more attention and care to communication and communication in Mercury retroacs that take place between February 17-March 10, June 18-July 12, and October 14-November 3. During this period, you should be especially careful about misunderstandings. Between 9 September and 14 November, which is the Mars retrograde period, the intensity of your family occupations may slightly separate you from your goals and plans.

During this period, you may need to make a little more effort in order not to reflect the unrest at home in your business world. You can work intensively from February 16 to March 30. Between March 30 and May 13, you may need to pay more attention to financial and monetary losses and the balance of income and expenses. Between September 6 and October 2, you can earn profits from joint business, and you can feel better with the improvement in your partner’s business.


Progressing in your sign, Jupiter, the star of luck and abundance, also supports you in terms of health. However, during this year’s transit of Jupiter, you should also pay attention to your appetite and diet. Because the Jupiter effect can bring along an exaggerated appetite. You should be careful not to overwhelm or wear yourself out, especially between February 16 and March 30, which are the dates where you can spend a lot of energy.
During this period, using your energy correctly and properly may be your priority. There may be times between January 10 and July 5 that can weaken you emotionally, during this period spiritual work can be comforting for you. Solar eclipse on December 14th can trigger new beginnings in order to get rid of the burdens that hold you in your subconscious, for example, you can leave a habit behind.

2020 Capricorn Yearly Horoscope


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