Cancer 2020 yearly horoscope. What awaits Cancer in 2020 in love, money, health and business life? Which will be better for Cancer in 2020? All of them in your yearly horoscope interpretation of the Cancer 2020 horoscope.

Cancer 2020 January and February

Dear Cancer,
You are entering the year 2020 with the effects of the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer. The effects of this eclipse will continue for about 6 weeks. During this period, you may face positive developments in physical and personal matters, make important decisions that will positively affect your life, make new beginnings and take remarkable steps in matters concerning your private life.

Cancer 2020 March and April

Saturn transitions into Aquarius on March 22nd, after staying in Aquarius until May 10, it will return to Capricorn again to begin its retrograde and be in a retro position by the end of September. Saturn can put you through a challenging time in matters related to your co-workers, partners, and relationships.
It is a period when you should be careful about relationships, especially your love life.

Cancer 2020 May

Jupiter is also starting its retrograde from May 15th and will remain in the retrograde in Capricorn until September 13th. You should be prepared for the delays that will occur in the steps you will take on matters related to your business life between May and September.

Mercury enters your sign on the 29th of May and will remain in your sign until the 5th of August. During this period, you can feel the effects of Mercury on communication, agreement, information, communication and contract related issues. Get ready for a period where you can take fast and solution-oriented approaches, express yourself more comfortably, and be interested in communication and technology-related issues.

Mercury Retrograde
From June 18th to July 11th, Mercury will be in a retro position in your sign. During this period, it is useful to be careful about communication, agreement, contract, etc.

Cancer 2020 Jun

As the Sun enters your sign on June 21, get ready for new beginnings and a period where you can express yourself more comfortably! Until the Sun passes into Leo on July 22, a period awaits you where you can easily showcase your personal abilities and feel yourself alive, energetic and highly motivated in all areas of life.

Cancer 2020 July

We will experience a Lunar eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th of July 2020. During this Lunar eclipse, agreements, partnerships, contracts, and issues related to relationships can keep your agenda busy. In addition, during this period, you can get support from people in your close circle, and if you have problems related to partnerships and relationships, you can solve these problems.

Cancer 2020 August

Venus enters your sign on the 8th of August and will remain in your sign until the 5th of September. In this period, a lucky and active period awaits you in matters related to relationships and your love life. It is also possible to make changes in your appearance in this period, when you can feel happier emotionally.

Cancer 2020 September and October

As of September 10, 2020, Mars begins its retrograde in Aries. This retro movement of Mars will continue until November 14. During this period, you may encounter some difficulties in your business and career life, or you may have a stressful period in your business environment. Especially during this period, it is useful to keep your motivation high and to be more careful while planning your work.
In addition, if you have plans for career or job change, it may be more beneficial for you to postpone these plans until late November.

Cancer 2020 November

As the month ends, we will experience a lunar eclipse in Gemini. With this Lunar Eclipse, you may be interested in artistic matters or wish to keep developments regarding your love life hidden.

Cancer 2020 December

On December 14, 2020, we will experience a Solar eclipse in Sagittarius. During this solar eclipse, you may have a lively and busy agenda regarding your work and career life.

You will be more fortunate in realizing your wishes in your business and career life, especially with the supportive aspects of Mars. You can grow your own business, start a new job or easily rise in your business life.

On 20 December 2020, Jupiter is transitioning to Aquarius. With the positive effects of Jupiter, the planet of fortune and abundance, you can get rid of issues that bother you physically and emotionally, increase your partner’s earnings, and benefit from the financial opportunities of your immediate environment.

During this period, there may also be significant increases in the earnings you will gain from your business partnership, if any, or you may experience important developments that will allow you to get rid of your debts in a short time.


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