2020 Aquarius Yearly Horoscope. The New Year can make you much more capable and powerful against situations outside of your control and intervention. There can be a lot you can learn from flowing and staying in flow throughout the year.

2020 may be a year when you can feel the weight of your subconscious loads even more. Between March 21 and July 1, Saturn, the planet of your sign, is moving into your sign. This period can allow you to take control of your life for a short time. During this period, your word and power may be valid both in your relationships and in your work. But outside of this period, 2020 could be a year that forces you to row against the current.
During this period, you can concentrate more on spiritual and spiritual work. It may be good for you to be in environments where you can relax, be quiet and calm while the loads of your subconscious make themselves felt through your dreams.

You may also be rewarded for your charity and charity work and the benevolence and sacrifices you show for others in ways you never expected, and you can feel better spiritually and spiritually. You can attract people with strong spiritual and spiritual aspects into your life and learn a lot from them. While the changes regarding your family and home life continue in 2020, this spiritual empowerment can make you much more resistant to what is happening around you.
As 2020 begins with a Lunar eclipse on January 10, this eclipse can bring awareness of your health and enable you to take action. You can give up a habit in the Lunar Eclipse on July 5th. The Solar Eclipse on June 21 can allow you to enter a new working order and environment in your daily life. As the last Solar Eclipse of the year takes place on December 14th, this eclipse may indicate new friendships and friendships in your social life.

Finally, let us state that the density of the earth elements during 2020 may be a little heavy for the signs of the air element like you, but it will also keep your feet on the ground more firmly and provide you a more neutral, realistic and serious stance. However, let us note that when you get tired of this weight, it can be good for you to join the crowds, to share the lives and troubles of others, and to rest and sleep when you are alone.

Aquarius in 2020: LOVE

It is extremely important to express yourself, share your thoughts, talk and chat with your loved one, take short and long trips as a person of rational, logical and common sense approaches in love. In the new year, you can meet that special person you can do these things between April 3 and June 25. However, Venus retrograde between 13 May and 25 June in the same period can bring old love and stories into your life. This period may make it a little difficult for you to take your usual rational steps while confusing your mind. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to love during this period. September 6-October 2, October 28-November 21 are your bright times in love. In the first one, you can find the relationship you are looking for, and move your current relationship to a better point. The second period, on the other hand, can bring the relationship you are looking for from afar into your life, there may be a foreign bride or groom. On May 5th this year, the lunar nodes can change your sign and bring some fateful and karmic situations into your life in the name of love.

Aquarius in 2020: MONEY

You may need to be a little more careful about financial issues, business and money issues, while the complex, uncertain and blurred situations continue this year as well. There may be times between January 3 and February 16 when this complexity and mess is more acute. The period between May 11th and September 29th, when Saturn, the star of your sign, is in retrograde movement, is a period when you need to deal with your life and your affairs more slowly and slowly. You should not be hasty, you should measure and weigh the conditions you are in well. In addition, you should take precautions against any disruptions that may arise from communication and communication between the periods of Mercury retrograde between 17 February-10 March, 18 June-12 July, 14 October-3 November.

Aquarius in 2020: HEALTH

2020 is a year where you should keep your immunity strong. You should also be careful against distraction, forgetfulness and imprudence. You should avoid being a victim of negligence in ways you never expected or expected. It is important to use your energy correctly and properly as you move through your Mars sign between March 30th and May 13th. Because during this period, you should take care not to miss the dosage in physical and sports activities. You should take the necessary measures against fatigue. The solar eclipse on June 21 can enable you to take steps and initiatives to take steps regarding your health, improve and heal your daily routine. In the face of the emotional energy and intensity that emerged during the Lunar Eclipses on January 10 and July 5, undertaking spiritual work will help you establish and maintain your subconscious balance.

2020 Aquarius Yearly Horoscope


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